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Auntie Nellie's Birthday Book - The Marley Family

My Great Auntie Nellie's Birthday Book is an absolute treasure to have, and I feel so lucky to have it in my possession. The book itself is now 102-years-old, closer to 103 in fact. It was given to Auntie Nellie on her 17th birthday, 10 February 1913.

Auntie Nellie Metcalf

The book has the birthdays of numerous family members, as well as friends close to the Metcalf family. I have given myself the task of trying to trace the families of Auntie Nellie's friends. The next family I am going to trace are the Marley-Vickers family.

There are two Marleys named in the book, the first being Mattie born on 30th April, and the second, Louie born on 12th October. There is only one Vickers, E. M. Vickers born on 9th May. 

At the time that Auntie Nellie received the birthday book, she and her family were living in Morpeth, possibly at the Masons Arms public house. Nellie's mother Ann was from Bedlington, and her father Joseph was from Stanley, Durham - meaning that the people named in the book could be from any of these places. 

When looking for possible E. M. Vickers in the Morpeth district (where Auntie Nellie's friends were most likely to be living), there is only one in this timeframe. 

E. M Vickers's birthday entry.

Elsie May Vickers was born on 9 May 1896, at Bishop Auckland, Durham. In 1911, Elsie May was living at 40 Shiney Row, Bedlington. She is living with her mother, Louisa Marley, or Louie as she is recorded in Auntie Nellie's birthday book, and also her stepfather, Joseph P. Marley.

Louie Marley's birthday entry.

Louie Marley was born Louisa Tonge in Westhoughton, Lancashire. She married Joseph William Vickers on 26 July 1893, and gave birth to their daughter three years later. Joseph W. Vickers later died in 1901. 

In the wake of her husband's death, Louie went north. There she met Joseph Prior Marley, and married him in 1903. Like Louie, Joseph was also a widower. His first wife Martha Phillips had died in childbirth giving birth to the couple's only child on 9 May 1896. Their daughter was named Martha Phillips Marley in her late mother's honour, but she came to be known as Mattie

Louie Marley later died in 1933, followed by Joseph Marley in 1950. Mattie married Charles R Shaw in 1920, going on to have a few children. Mattie's stepsister, Elsie May Vickers married William J Forsyth in 1922, but had no children.

I hope to perhaps contact descendants of the Marley family in the future.

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