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Auntie Nellie's Birthday Book - The Burrows Family

My Great Auntie Nellie's Birthday Book is an absolute treasure to have, and I feel so lucky to have it in my possession. The book itself is now 102-years-old, closer to 103 in fact. It was given to Auntie Nellie on her 17th birthday, 10 February 1913.

Auntie Nellie Metcalf

The book has the birthdays of numerous family members, as well as friends close to the Metcalf family. I have given myself the task of trying to trace the families of Auntie Nellie's friends. I am starting with the Burrows-Turnbull family.

There are a few Burrows in the birthday book, and two Turnbulls. I went on to find that they are all from the same family.

The first family member in the book is Amy E. Turnbull born on 12 February, then Mrs Burrows born on 22 February. Florence Turnbull was said to be born on 7 June, and James Burrows on 20 June. The last was Emmie Burrows, born on 1 September. 

At the time that Auntie Nellie received the birthday book, she and her family were living in Morpeth, possibly at the Masons Arms public house. Nellie's mother Ann was from Bedlington, and her father Joseph was from Stanley, Durham - meaning that the people named in the book could be from any of these places

Amy E. Turnbull's birthday entry.

First of all, I searched for any Amy E. Turnbulls born in the Morpeth district, which also covered Bedlington. I immediately found an Amy E. Turnbull born in 1912, with the mother's maiden name being Burrows. Her parents were James Turnbull and Florence Burrows. So I had also traced the Florence Turnbull named in Auntie Nellie's book.

Florence Burrows Turnbull's birthday entry.

I realised that Emmie could be a nickname for either Emma or Emily, so tried both when searching for Emmie Burrows.

Emmie Burrows's birthday entry.

I found an Emily Burrows, born 1895, living at 7 Olympia Gardens, Morpeth, with her parents James and Elizabeth Ann, as well as her elder sister, Florence. I had now traced the whole family, and could also give a name to the mysterious and elusive Mrs Burrows

James Burrows's birthday entry.
Mrs Burrows's (Elizabeth Ann) birthday entry.

I now had the whole family, and found that the two daughters were born in Yorkshire. Mrs Burrows was also born in Yorkshire, but James was born in Cheshire. 

Amy E. Turnbull was not the only child of Florence Burrows and James Turnbull, in fact it appears she was the eldest of five. Florence later died in 1927, at the young age of forty.

Emmie Burrows went on to marry John R. Scott in 1918, but they had no children.

I hope to perhaps contact descendants of the Burrows family in the future.

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