Monday, 28 March 2016

A Newbiggin Event - Easter Monday 1916

Easter Monday, 1916 fell on 24 April 1916. That date is symbolic as the beginning of the Easter Rising in Dublin, which lasted for six days. The aim of the Rising was to proclaim an Irish Republic and break away from British rule. The Rising saw the deaths of almost 500 people, mostly civilians, and left much of Dublin in ruin. The date is remembered, and commemorated at Easter every year. Today is the centenary of that historical date.

* * *

Closer to home, events were a lot calmer. As the Irish Volunteers were fighting for liberation in Dublin, the elderly people of Newbiggin were treated to a meal and concert. As an Easter treat, the elderly were also gifted with five shillings (around £10 in today's money).  

The whole event was provided by a committee representing local social clubs, trade unions, and the co-operative society. The committee had raised £56 for the event, and many of Newbiggin's benevolent folk helped out at the function. It was appreciated, and everyone had a good time. The Member of Parliament for Wansbeck, Charles Fenwick, was a most welcome guest, and he was able to mingle with his veteran constituents.

In all, the Easter holidays were one of the quietest on record throughout Northumberland. The weather on Good Friday in particular put a dampener on celebrations, but had picked up by Easter Monday, when the weather was described merely as "fair". There was a great influx of visitors, bust still not as many as there once was. Newbiggin was still a most popular resort, and many flocked to the beach with their children.