Saturday, 9 December 2017

Barty's Dream

Ages ago I wrote a blog post on my 4x great-grandfather, Bertram McKeith, or Barty Keith, as he was commonly known. Newspapers often picked up on this jovial, comedic man, reporting on his wild tales, accounts and exaggerations. Barty is still remembered fondly in my family. 

The following article appeared in the Northern Daily Telegraph on 9 March 1892:


One day the renowned Barty Keith, of Seghill, went into a public-house, and, not meeting with the reception that he usually got from the company present, he sat down silent for a while. 
Starting to his feet he exclaimed, "Begox, lads, aa've hed a grand dream."
"What aboot, Barty?" exclaimed several of the company. 
"Lads, aa dreamed that aa died and went to heaven, and when aa got te the gyet, aa knocked, an somebody shouted, 'Whe's thor?' Aa replied, 'Bartram Keith, frae Seghill, sor.'   'Oh come in, Mr Keith, we've been expecting you coming.' And se, lads, aa went inside."
"And what was it like, Barty?" asked one. 
"Aye, marrow, it wes grand. The forst thing a saa wes six white angels sitting aroond a big tybel, with a gallon pit full o' beer, and when they saa whe it wes, they aall jumped te thor feet and shooted oot, 'Sup here, Barty; sup here, Barty!"

Not only is this article a lesson in Geordie, but it is also a further insight into Barty's character. 

One interesting thing to note is that Barty is described, or rather describes himself, as living in Seghill. For much of his life Barty lived in Bedlington. Barty actually only lived in Seghill for the first few years of his married life. His son Ralph was born there in 1840.

My original blog post can be found here.

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