Friday, 18 November 2016

GRO - My 3x Great-Grandfather's Birth Certificate

With the recent GRO index update, I was finally able to find my 2x great-grandfather's birth certificate. The new index shows the mother's maiden name, meaning those hard to find certificates can at last be discovered. It is also helpful in finding certificates of children who a couple were unfortunate to lose in early infancy, or between the census years. 

Here is the extract of my 3x great-grandfather's birth certificate: 

As you can see, when my 3x great-grandfather was registered, he did not yet have a forename. Of course, I know the name his parents later give him; John.

Interestingly, there's another box at the end which is headed "Baptismal Name, if added after Registration of Birth," which is left blank. 

Burton is a small place, just south of Bamburgh on the Northumbrian coast. it can still be found on Google Maps, and shows it has a perfect view of Bamburgh Castle. 

I have this rather funny image of my 4x great-grandmother going to Belford Registry Office, babe in arms, while her husband is out in the nearby fields. On arriving, she suddenly realises that they haven't yet decided on a name for the baby, so leaves the name blank, to be filled in at a later date. It never is!

I have ordered two other certificates which shall hopefully arrive in the coming days, and I look forward to seeing them.

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