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The Widow of Edward Carlin - Update

Back in April I wrote about Janet McComb or Carlin, the younger sister of my 3x great-grandmother, Jane (or Jean) McComb. Their parents were James and Ruth McComb (née Duggan), who were Irish migrants.

In my blog post in April I detailed the sad married life of Janet. She birthed three boys who all died in early infancy, and was widowed early. With nothing left, Janet shortly followed her babies and husband to the grave, almost like she willed herself to die.

Janet's death certificate describes her as a pauper, resident in the Govan Poorhouse at the time of her death. Her death was caused by phthisis (tuberculosis).

Janet's death certificate.

Now, with thanks to my good friend (and distant cousin!) Matt Reay, I am better able to understand Janet's final days. I now know that shortly before her death, Janet applied for Poor Relief. Matt visited the Mitchell Library in Glasgow and was very kind to transcribe the application for me. It reads as follows;


Name: Janet McCoombe or Carlin.
Residence: 15 Cleland Street, low.
Application date: 13 March 1877 11.30am.
Religion: Prot. (Protestant)
Status: Widow.
Trade: Washing and cleaning.

She is listed as being wholly disabled with no earnings besides relief.

Any family living at residence? None.
Any family living elsewhere? None.

Husband: Edward Dickie Carter (Error)

Report by Assistant Inspector Robert Davie who visited the property 14 March 1877 at 1pm:

She is aged 33 years, born at Blackfaulds, Rutherglen. Prot. She is the daughter of James McCoombe, miner, and Ruth Dougan, both dead. Her husband Edward Carlin, carter, born in Thistle Street, son of Thomas Carlin, carter, dead, & Jean Turner who is living at 34 Thistle Street, died at Thistle Street five years ago.
No family.

In present house: 5 months.
34 South Wellington Street: 3yrs 6mos.
327 Crown Street: 1yr.
34 Thistle Street: 6mos.

She is a washer certified unfit from bronchitis and fit for removal. Application is made for her admission Poorhouse having no home. - Govan Combination.

The decision of the committee: 20 March 1877 - PH (Poorhouse) Requiring treatment.

Applicant died PH 7 April '77


Poor Janet. What a life. 

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