Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Flotsam of Humanity

Newspapers are truly invaluable when researching your family tree. They give a huge insight into the social history of the time, and it is quite amazing what can turn up on your ancestors. 

The following is an extract from the Morpeth Herald, published 6 September 1902.


Catherine Knox, Cambois, when asked what she had to say for herself in answer to a charge of having been very drunk and disorderly, said "A' knaa nowt aboot it, hinney. It was awl a dizzy bout. When they cum on aa just fall doon." Mr. Nixon did not believe the story, and ordered Catherine to pay 5/- and 5/- and costs or six days.

I'm not sure I would believe Catherine either, 3x great-grandmother or not! 

Catherine died on 2 April 1904 of pulmonary phthisis (tuberculosis). She was buried at nearby Bedlington on 6 April. 

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