Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Accident at Earsdon

Robert Barrass died in March 1897. He was the elder brother of my 2x Great Grandmother, Jane Barrass Rudd. Robert was a blacksmith by trade, although he was later a tenant of the Duke of Wellington public house in East Howdon.

It was decided he was to be buried in the family grave at St Alban's, Earsdon. Robert was a popular man, and so a number of coaches were supplied to take mourners to and from the church.

"Everything went well until the vehicles started on the homeward journey, after the interment. Whilst turning the curve at the Earsdon bank top it is stated that one of horses attached to the covered-in conveyance stumbled, causing the brake to sway from side to side and then turn over. The crash of breaking glass, of which the sides of the brake were largely composed, the shouting of the frightened occupants, and others, caused the horses to plunge and struggle for liberty, with the result that the overturned vehicle was dragged for some distance down the bank before the horses finally broke loose."

Fifteen people were in the coach at the time of the accident, and all received injuries in one way or another. A crowd gathered around, the soon everyone was taken to the nearby Red Lion Hotel to recuperate. The majority of injuries sustained were minor cuts and bruises. After being attended to by three doctors, the injured funeral party were taken back to their homes. 

"That nobody was more seriously hurt was considered marvellous, after being dragged about the road by the frightened horses in an upturned conveyance."

John Collins of Seaton Terrace was said to be the worst case, having sustained severe injury to one side, and cuts and bruises elsewhere. 

"The names of the injured are: - John Collins, Seaton Terrace; Isaac Bewick, New Hartley; Michael Gleghorn, Newsham; George Elliot, Newsham; Edward Rudd, New Hartley; William Rudd, Cambois; Thomas Rudd, New Delaval; Mrs T Rudd, New Delaval; and Thomas Sample, New Hartley. James Graham, Blyth, the driver of the vehicle, had his shoulder dislocated."

William Rudd mentioned above is my 2x Great Grandfather, a brother-in-law of Robert Barrass. Edward Rudd is William's son. Thomas Rudd is William's younger brother, and obviously he attended the funeral with his wife. Isaac Bewick is a cousin-in-law of the deceased, Robert Barrass

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