Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Morgan Family Tidbits

While researching my blog post for last week on the sad story of Alexander Morgan, I was able to glean a few other stories about his family. 

Number One

In May 1891, Lydia Pooley a housekeeper at Seghill was charged with having assaulted Elizabeth and Elizabeth Ellen Morgan, a mother and daughter. Elizabeth was the wife of Alexander Morgan, and Elizabeth Ellen was their daughter. 

Mr. Kewney appeared for the Morgans, and opened the case. According to Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan, she was coming down the row with a can in her hand. She said that Lydia was standing at her door, when she suddenly rushed at her and struck her with a shovel. Elizabeth Ellen naturally came to her mother's assistance, but she was also struck by Lydia, and also had her fingers bit. There had been no provocation at all. 

Lydia Pooley was up next, and stated that a few days previously Elizabeth Morgan threw a dish of greasy water over her as she was coming past with two pails of water. Elizabeth rejected this claim. Lydia went on to say that Elizabeth Morgan was always insulting and laughing at her. Elizabeth Ellen corroborated her mother's evidence. 

Thomas McGuinness was then called on. He came out of his house to see Lydia and Elizabeth Ellen fighting. Elizabeth Ellen's fingers were in Lydia's mouth. "She put her fingers in my mouth and I did bite them!" Lydia interjected, causing laughter in the court. "The old woman", Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan was lying on ground, and both mother and daughter fainted. 

Lydia Pooley went on to say that she came out of her house with the shovel only after Mrs. Morgan threw a can of beer in her face. 

P.C. Sproat who was stationed at Seghill at the time, said he was sent for and found "the daughter" bleeding, and "the mother" in a fainting condition. Two further witnesses were called but neither appeared as they were out of the court when the case commenced. 

The Bench fined Mrs. Pooley 2s 6d in each case, and dismissed the cross summons. 

Number Two

From the Morpeth Herald, 30 September 1905.

Number Three

In July 1907 William Herron Morgan, the son of Martin passed his examinations with distinction and was able to enter the Armstrong College, Newcastle after the summer vacation. 

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