Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lost In The Tyne - A Sad Tale

My 3x Great Grandmother was a lady named Mary Ann Steel who was from Ovingham in west Northumberland. When she was around twenty years old, she married Thomas Metcalf, whose family were originally from Cumberland. 

Mary Ann's elder brother, William was an innkeeper at the Blue Bell Inn, Mickley, Northumberland, which he ran with his wife and children. When William died the business was carried on by his two children, Joseph and Mary Jane

The following is an article from the Sunderland Daily Echo from 3 September 1910;

The body of a woman was discovered by a boy floating in the Tyne a little below Ovingham. The body was recovered and taken to the Garden House. A piece of paper with the name Mary Jane Steel was discovered in the pocket of her dress, and the body was afterwards identified as that of Mary Jane Steel, an unmarried woman, who resided with her brother, Mr Joseph Steel, the landlord of the Blue Bell Inn, Mickley.

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